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Contribute Now

On average, it takes 200 donors to find a match for one patient. In order to treat Armenian patients, bone marrow transplants require compatible tissue types that match the genetic makeup of the patient, which is most likely to come from other Armenian donors. Currently the ABMDR has identified 854 patients in need, and from its registry of 14,000 donors has found 695 matches and facilitated 7 transplantations around the globe.

Recruiting donors in Armenia and throughout the Diaspora takes time and resources from many people and organizations

ABMDR is dedicated to making sure every patient has the best possible chance to receive the life-saving transplant he or she needs. We rely on the financial support of foundations, corporations, organizations and people like you to help raise funds that will enable us to do our work.
Your contributions enable us to make the difference.

You make the difference

Your financial contributions not only help us conduct testing and add donors to the registry, it also help us offer hope to all in need

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