AMBDR’s exemplary work in raising awareness in the Armenian community about joining bone marrow registries is as remarkable as one can imagine.

Congressman Adam Schieff,
California 29th District

“ABMDR must be congratulated for its critical work that has a direct impact on the lives of so many individuals”.

Paul Krekorian, California State Assembly
43rd District

“I am one of the lucky ones I survived, but not all kids are as lucky as I am. It’s up to us to make sure that more and more kids are able to beat childhood cancers. It only takes a small vial of blood or a few dollars to help. Together we can make sure that Armenians diagnosed with blood cancers have a chance to find a donor,
Alique Topalian, Age 12
Cancer Survivor
This collaboration between our Registries is very important. The access to Armenian donors will benefit patients at more than 125 transplant centers in the U.S. This relationship will also allow Armenian patients to identify potential NMDP donors sooner in the search process, given that the Armenian Registry will be searching the NMDP Registry before a
patient has selected a transplant center. 

Pam Robinett
National Marrow Donor Program Manager

It is almost impossible not to be filled with feelings of pride and joy, when talking about ABMDR’s Stem Cell Harvesting and Transplant center, which has opened new horizons for the ABMDR and has taken it to the next level. The Health Ministry of the Republic of Armenia fully supports this endeavor and is proud to be part of this project by allocating the space for this wonderful humanitarian project, which open new windows of hope for the hundreds of patients and their families waiting for a miracle.

Harutyun Kushkyan
Minister of Health
Republic of Armenia