The Kindness of a stranger saves a mom in Greece

In 2001, a woman working as an X-ray technician in a dental office in Yerevan did one small thing that today, has made a huge difference in the world:  she showed up at an ABMDR recruitment drive and registered.

Varduhi, the mother of two adult children and a grandmother, did not know then that she would, indeed, become a life-giving force to someone completely unrelated to anyone in her family, in another country.

When the ABMDR discovered she was a potential donor match for a woman in Greece fighting for her life, Varduhi knew she wanted to help.  After a detailed examination and evaluation process, the ABMDR found her to be clinically healthy, and personally committed to being a donor.  Varduhi made clear to the ABMDR staff that she felt privileged to fulfill her moral values, to help a person whose life was in danger.  Her son and daughter enthusiastically supported their mother’s decision to be a donor.

On January 12, Varduhi had her stem cells collected in Ulm, Germany for transplantation to the patient.  That one small decision 8 years ago to register with the ABMDR has resulted in the biggest contribution anyone could make in this world:  saving someone’s life.