Walk LA 2017 Frequently Asked Questions

What is Walk of Life?
The Walk of Life is a fundraising and awareness raising walkathon that helps the Armenian Bone Marrow Donor Registry (ABMDR) in its mission of saving lives.  It is not just a walk, it is a life-saving event for Armenians and non-Armenians battling leukemia worldwide.   By joining us you will help someone with leukemia, you give them hope and an opportunity for a second chance in life.  What better gift or reward then knowing that you were an instrument in saving someone’s life! All of our participants are heroes.

ABMDR’s Walk of Life is meant to:

  • Reach and educate the Armenian public about leukemia and other blood diseases,
  • Recruit donors to add to its internationally recognized registry of donors,
  • Raise funds and tissue type these donors.

The actual walk takes place in the US, but people can join as “Virtual Walkers” from anywhere in the world (see “Virtual Walkers” for details)

What is ABMDR?

ABMDR is a non-profit organization whose mission is to save lives by recruiting and providing matched unrelated donors for bone marrow or stem cell transplantation to all Armenian and non-Armenian patients worldwide who are suffering from leukemia and other life-threatening blood related illnesses.

Only 25% of patients afflicted with leukemia or other life-threatening blood disorders find suitable matched donors within their families. The other 75% of patients’ lives depend on finding a perfectly matched unrelated donor.

The unique genetic make-up of Armenians makes it nearly impossible for ethnic Armenians to find suitable matches among the existing international registries.  ABMDR plays a crucial role in saving these lives by increasing the size of its registry,  tissue typing its donors, identifying matched donors and facilitating bone marrow stem cell transplants for ethnic Armenians in need of one.

Our Goals

  • Create and maintain the registry and data bank of information Armenian donors.
  • Increase the size of the registry
  • Coordinate and process patient search requests and provide marrow or stem cell matching services for potential bone marrow transplant recipients.
  • Raise funds to type all donor samples
  • Educate Armenian families worldwide
  • Expand into new countries with sizable Armenian communities

Why Walk?
Every year thousands of people around the world lose their lives to leukemia and other blood-disorders requiring bone marrow transplant.   Every 4 minutes someone in US dies of leukemia.

Leukemia accounts for one third of all childhood cancers.  In Armenia, leukemia accounts for 40% of all childhood diseases.

The unique genetic makeup of Armenians makes it virtually impossible for them to find matches among international donor registries, but it makes it much more likely for them to find matches among other ethnic Armenians, regardless of their birth place.  Thus, lives of Armenian patients are most likely to be saved by other Armanians.

When you walk, you help raise funds for ABMDR to continue its work. You also raise awareness of leukemia and educate the public.  In addition to doing a great deed for someone else, you get to enjoy the benefits of exercising.

How are the funds used?
ABMDR is run by non-paid volunteers.  The funds raised at Walk of Life are used to tissue type donor samples, educate the public, facilitate bone marrow stem cell transplants for patients worldwide, expand into new countries with Armenian communities, and increase the size of the registry by recruiting donors worldwide.

How do I register?
Click on the “raise funds and register tab”.   You have the option to START a team,  JOIN a team, or REGISTER as an individual.

You can also click here to start your registration process.

To register by mail, please contact ABMDR office at (323)663-3609 or mail your registration form (click here) to 3111 Los Feliz Ave. #206,  Los Angeles, CA 90039

I am having trouble with my online registration. How can I get help?
If you have any problems registering, please contact us at (323)663-609.

How do I join a team?
Click here to select the team you want to join .

What is a Virtual Walker?
Virtual walker option is for people who cannot attend the walk.  Many around the world who are inspired to participate in Walk of Life but cannot do so in person opt for the Virtual Walker option (see Virtual Walker for details).

Is my registration fee tax-deductible?
Registration fees are not tax-deductible, and are not included in individual participant fundraising totals. Registration fees are nonrefundable and nontransferable.  Sponsorships ARE tax deductible (see below).

What do I do after I register?
Once you have registered, you can start your fundraising.  You can use email, Facebook, or any other way of informing your friends and family.  If you are a team leader, you can ask them to join your team,  and to sponsor the team or members within. If you are a member in a team, you can ask them to sponsor you.  We encourage all registered walkers to set a goal of raising at least $100.00

If each walker asks just 10 people to contribute $10, then they reach their goal. Small donations from many people add up quickly and are a great support for ABMDR.  Remember all the funds are used for the process of finding matches for our patients.

Do children need to register in order to attend?
Yes all participants must be registered.

Is there a minimum fundraising requirement?
No, there is no fundraising minimum requirement to participate in the Walk.           However we encourage all of participants to raise at least $100.00

Are donations tax-deductible?
All donations are tax-deductible (please note: registration fees are similar to buying tickets to take part in an event, and as such, they are not tax deductible. Sponsorships are).

How can I make an online donation?
Please click on the “Donate” link.  From this link you can choose to donate directly to ABMDR, or to “support a team” or to “support an individual” by contributing on their fundraising page.

Do you accept donations by check?

Do you accept matching gift?
Yes, many employers have matching gift programs.  These companies/employers match the donations made by their employees to non-profit organizations such as ABMDR.  Please ask your company/employer if they will be able to match donations made by you.

How will people find my team?
When you email your friends and family, please give them the link to Walk of life.  From the home page, they can go to the team link and type your team name.

Can I upload my/team photo to my individual walk or team Page?
Yes, you can

What is fundraising goal?
This is the amount that you want to raise in support of Walk of Life.

How can I volunteer?
To volunteer please click here to find out more about volunteering for a Walk for Life.

Can I register on event day?
Yes, we accept event day registration; however, the registration fee is higher on  the event day.

Where do I park?

 Free parking on site at  city hall   The parking for the day is free.

How do I get my Walk of Life T-shirt?
You will pick up your T-shirt on the day of event.

Can I bring my dog to the Walk?
Yes—on a leash.

Will there be refreshments and food at the event?
Yes, we will have coffee, food and music.

Will there be restrooms available?
Yes, Restrooms are available – porta potties