ABMDR Comedy Night Delights Audiences While Benefiting Life-Saving Mission

ABMDR Comedy Night delights audiences while benefiting life-saving mission

The show is part of ABMDR’s 20th-anniversary events

Los Angeles, November 15, 2019 On the evening of November 10, Laughter for Life, the 17th annual comedy night of the Armenian Bone Marrow Donor Registry (ABMDR), thrilled a capacity audience while benefiting the organization’s life-saving mission.

Laughter for Life took place at West Los Angeles’ The Comedy Store, the famed landmark that has served as the show’s venue since its inception. Over 350 supporters attended this year’s highly-anticipated comedy night, which, along with several other events, celebrated the 20th anniversary of the founding of ABMDR. 

Following a food-and-cocktail hour, Laughter for Life kicked off with opening remarks delivered by Lara Yeretsian, chairwoman of the ABMDR Comedy Night Committee. As she welcomed the enthusiastic audience, Yeretsian cast a glance over the achievements of ABMDR in the past 20 years. She stated that ever since its launch in 1999, ABMDR has grown into a highly-regarded global organization dedicated to saving lives and advancing medical innovation.

Subsequently Yeretsian invited acclaimed comedian and fellow Comedy Night Committee member Sam Tripoli to the stage. Yeretsian and Tripoli have co-founded Laughter for Life in 2002, with the goal of supporting the ABMDR mission through outstanding comedy events.

Tripoli thanked Los Angeles’ Armenian community for its steadfast support of the ABMDR comedy night year after year, then introduced the evening’s performers. They comprised renowned comedians Jeff Dye, Bobby Lee, Tamer Kattan, Chris Spencer, Josh Wolf, and Whitney Cummings. The program also included a performance by Sam Tripoli himself. 

In their hilarious and irreverent routines, the stand-up comedians touched on an array of topics, offering stories and biting commentary on subjects ranging from dating, relationships, and marriage to politics, social media, and the peculiarities of life in Los Angeles. 

Reflecting on the success of the show, ABMDR President Dr. Frieda Jordan said, “By showcasing the marvelous talents of many of today’s top comedians, Laughter for Life remains one of our organization’s most popular events. It is also the longest-running show at the world-famous Comedy Store. On this occasion, I thank our community for its continued support, and convey our profound gratitude to our hard-working Comedy Night Committee, including co-founders Lara Yeretsian and Sam Tripoli, as well as our dedicated and generous sponsors.” 

Laughter for Life’s sponsors included Daglian Law Group, Yeretsian Law, Law Offices of Meline Mkrtichyan, Armen and Aida Hairapetian, California Gourmet Nuts, Sasoun Bakery, Hungry Nomad, Dilanchian & Associates Chiropractic, Sarkis Pastry, and Paulette Malekian of Dilbeck Real Estate.

About the Armenian Bone Marrow Donor Registry: Established in 1999, ABMDR, a nonprofit organization, helps Armenians and non-Armenians worldwide survive life-threatening blood-related illnesses by recruiting and matching donors to those requiring bone marrow stem cell transplants. To date, the registry has recruited over 31,000 donors in 33 countries across four continents, identified over 9,000 patients, and facilitated 33 bone marrow transplants. For more information, call (323) 663-3609 or visit abmdr.am.


Sam Tripoli.

Lara Yeretsian addressing the audience.

A scene from the event. 

From left: Comedy Night Committee members Armenia Sinanian and Tina
Yeretsian, comedian Tamer Kattan, and committee members Dr. Christina Ashjian,
Paulette Malekian, Arpine Zohrabyan, Sam Tripoli, and Lara Yeretian.

Comedy Night Committee members and supporters.


Photos Courtesy of the Armenian Bone Marrow Donor Registry.