Archbishops Derderian and Mardirossian Pledge Continued Support of ABMDR Mission

Archbishops Derderian and Mardirossian

pledge continued support of ABMDR mission


Los Angeles, February 15, 2019 – On February 12 and 14, respectively, a delegation from the Armenian Bone Marrow Donor Registry (ABMDR), comprising several Board members, visited His Eminence Archbishop Moushegh Mardirossian, Prelate, at the Western Prelacy; and His Eminence Archbishop Hovnan Derderian, Primate, at the Western Diocese.


During the visits, members of the delegation thanked both Archbishops for their leadership in supporting the life-saving mission of ABMDR. Delegation members also presented the Archbishops with an overview of the Registry’s activities and achievements in the course of the past year, and discussed plans and prospects for expanding the organization’s work.


On their part, Archbishops Derderian and Mardirossian conveyed their congratulations on the 20th anniversary of the founding of ABMDR, an occasion that will be celebrated throughout 2019. As the Archbishops praised ABMDR’s accomplishments in the course of the past two decades, they reaffirmed their strong support of the Registry’s mission, and reiterated their commitment to helping ensure its continued success.


To this end, Archbishops Derderian and Mardirossian announced that, as in the past several years, they have each designated a special day of prayer for 2019, during which prayers will be offered at churches across Southern California for ABMDR patients and their families, as well as ABMDR volunteers. As importantly, both Archbishops reaffirmed their commitment to supporting a wide range of ABMDR outreach activities within their respective congregations.


“It is so very wonderful to enjoy the support of our church leaders in advancing our life-saving mission,” said Dr. Frieda Jordan, President of ABMDR, and continued, “The strong advocacy demonstrated by Archbishops Derderian and Mardirossian is all the more noteworthy this year, as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the founding of ABMDR.”