Syrian Armenian Relief Fund Telethon

On Feb 21 ABMDR  participated at the SARF telethon with its symbolic donation. Our bond with the Syrian-Armenian community goes back to 2006, when an ABMDR team visited Aleppo for the first time.That wonderful visit was coordinated by Mr. Armen Melkonyan, the Armenian Ambassador in Syria, with the support of Syrian-Armenian physicians who had studied medicine in Armenia. Syrian-Armenians were among the very first diaspora communities to welcome ABMDR. They received us with open arms, and wholeheartedly supported our mission, by helping us to make a presentation about our work and also to recruit donors. During our visit in Aleppo, 300 community members joined the ranks of ABMDR as potential bone marrow donors. Among these enthusiastic recruits were several community leaders, including Archbishop Shahan Sarkissian, Prelate of the Syrian-Armenian community. Today, when the Syrian-Armenian community faces its darkest hour, we salute and thank all of our selfless donors, and hope that our symbolic donation will help ease their suffering.
Dr. Sevak Avagyan, Serbazan Shahan Sarkissian and Dr. Frieda Jordan at the SARF telethon