Vahe, an agricultural academy student in Yerevan, had joined ABMDR in the early days of the Registry. In 2004, he became a match for a young girl in Italy, and did not hesitate to donate his cells. Consistent with international rules and regulations gover
May 4, 2014, the day of our walkathon, Arpine was emotional. She was celebrating a very special anniversary. Three years ago, on that day, she had donated her stem cells to save a 3-year old child. Read her story: On March 4, 2011, I received a call from
Varduhie, a dental X-ray technician in Yerevan, was called upon to save the life of a woman she did not know, in a country she had not seen. She had signed up as an ABMDR donor 8 years earlier, and when ABMDR informed her that she had been found to be a m
Fredrick was an ABMDR donor recruited a few years ago in Tehran, Iran. Imagine his surprise when he was told that he was the only match in the world able to save the life of a patient in Belgium waiting for a transplant. Fredrick was eager to help. He cam
Karine Tshgnavoryan would have never known that only she could have helped save the life of her brother in Australia, if in the early days of 2016 the Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry had not started to look for a stem cell donor match in Armenia. Si
“When I registered with ABMDR in 2006, I hoped to be a match some day. Eight years later, when City of Hope called and told me that I was the only match for a ten-year-old boy, I accepted with no hesitation or fear, and thanked God for using me to save
On March 9, 2016, seven years after she had joined ABMDR, Maria, a 36 years old nurse in Yerevan and mother of two: Alex, 15 and Knarik, 18 months old, donated her bone marrow stem cells to save the life of a patient in Israel. Maria’s stem cells were h
Sose, living in Armenia, was tested immediately when she learned that her sister Ani, living in Germany and diagnosed with leukemia, was in need of a bone marrow transplant. To the delight of the family, Sose was a perfect match for her sister. Her bone m
ABMDR salutes a hero from the frontlines and celebrates its 30th life saved For Sergey, a 23 year-old officer, July 3 was an unusual day. Typically serving in Artsakh at the frontlines of the Armenian-Azerbaijan border, he was given that day off to come t